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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Old School Reggae

    MOBILE CD DOWNLOAD : www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BSX29MVCA7KNAnPULL UP MY SELECTOR 80'S 90'S DANCEHALL MIX, 22 MIN


    MOBILE CD DOWNLOAD : www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BSX29MVCA7KNAnPULL UP MY SELECTOR 80'S 90'S DANCEHALL MIX, 22 MINUTES SAMPLE OF 99 SONGS, 1.2 HOUR OLD SCHOOL, OLD SKOOL OLDIES DANCEHALL MIX MIXTAPEnTime Travel Back To The 80's- Dj Plee (Intro) , nTwice My Age - Shabba Ranks Ft Krystal (90's Rewind),nRomie - Beenie Man (90's Rewind),nGirls Dem Sugar - Beenie Man (90's Rewind),nDickie - Nadine Sutherland Ft Buju Banton (90's Rewind),nModel Pon You - Daddy Screw (90's Rewind),nLive & Learn - Culture Ft Wayne Wonder (90's Rewind),nNo Second Class - Buju Banton (90's Rewind),nAction - Nadine Sutherland (90's Rewind),nBig Tings A Gwaan - Daddy & Screw & Donovan (90's Rewind),nNumber 2 - Terro Fabulous (90's Rewind),nMan A Look You - Buju Banton (90's Rewind),nHow You Flex - Buju Banton (90's Rewind),nMan Fi Dead - Buju Banton (90's Rewind),nCertain Girl - Beenie Man (90's Rewind), nSlam - Beenie Man (90's Rewind), nWicked Ride - Beenie Man (90's Rewind), nFunny Guy - Professor Nuts (90's Rewind),nOnly Man - Buju Banton (90's Rewind), nAnything For You - Snow Ft Nadine & Beenie (90's Rewind), nThe Mass- Baby Cham (90's Rewind), nHot Gyal - Alley Cat (90's Rewind), nOld Dog - Beenie Man (90's Rewind), nGirls Anthem - Rude Boy Kelly (90's Rewind), nGo Go Wine - Captain Barkey (90's Rewind), nDo You Wanna - Tony Curtis (90's Rewind), nGal Dem Gizada - Merciless (90's Rewind),nLiving Dangerously - Barrington Levy Ft Bounty (90's Rewind), nJoy Ride - Wayne Wonder Ft Baby Cham (90's Rewind),nSilent Violence - Beenie Man (90's Rewind),nRubbers - Frisco Kid (90's Rewind), nSycamore Tree- Lady Saw (90's Rewind), nYuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet- Tanya Stephens (90's Rewind) ,nFunny Man - Mr.

    Easy Ft Baby Cham (90's Rewind), nChampion - Buju Banton (90's Rewind), nHey Girl - Buccaneer (90's Rewind), nMovin Up The Line - Spragga Benz (90's Rewind), nMusic A De Beat - Beenie Man (90's Rewind), nBam Bam - Pliers (90's Rewind),nMurder She Wrote - Chaka Demus & Pliers (90's Rewind),nPull Up My Selector , nMurder Mix - Delano (90's Rewind), nDance Hall Queen - Chevelle Ft Beenie Man (90's Rewind), Bleach - Nardo Ranks (90's Rewind),nJust A Little Bit - 50 Cent (90's Rewind), nJuicy - Notorious B.I.G (90's Rewind),nVitamin S - Baby Cham (2K Rewind),nI Can Go Back In Time - Dj Plee (Interlude),nVitamin S - Baby Cham (Y2K Rewind),nX Rated - Shabba Ranks (90's Rewind),nTing A Ling - Shabba Ranks (90's Rewind), nTrailor Load A Gal - Shabba Ranks (90's Rewind),nNuff Man A Dead - Super Cat (90's Rewind), nYaw Yaw- Beenie Man (90's Rewind), nBack To The Year 2002 - Dj Plee (Interlude), nShake That Thing - Various (Y2K Rewind),nNo letting Go - Wayne Wonder Ft LL Cool J (Y2K Rewind), nDawali Instrumental (Y2K Rewind),nSexy Lady - Sean Paul Ft Shaggy Mega Mix (Y2K Rewind), nOver Come - Wayne Marshall (Y2K Rewind),nSufferer - Bounty Killer (Y2K Rewind), nRuffest - Assasin (Y2K Rewind),nParty People - Danny English Ft Egg Nog (Y2K Rewind),nYour Love (Old School Style) - Nicki Minaj Ft Gyptian (Y2K Rewind), Back To The Year 1980 - Dj Plee (Interlude),nSkengdon All Stars - Wild Apache (80's Rewind), nMud Up - Super Cat (80's Rewind),nYoung Gal Business (80's Rewind),nWorkie Workie - Chakka Demus (80's Rewind), nCherrish The Love - Sanchez (80's Rewind),nWave Them - Tanto Metro & Devonte (80's Rewind), nHardcore - Lady Say (90's Rewind),nAll This Time - Wayne Wonder (90's Rewind),nBenti Uno - Pinchers Ft Bounty Killer (90's Rewind),nBurry Yuh Dead - Beenie Man (90's Rewind),nVeteran - Beenie Man (90's Rewind),nRosemary - Sanchez (90's Rewind),nArms House - Capleton (90's Rewind),nRapture - Sanchez (90's Rewind),nLover Man - Daddy Screw (90's Rewind),nGal Say Yes- Bounty Killer (90's Rewind),nWho Am I - Beenie Man (90's Rewind),nBook Shelf - Beenie Man (90's Rewind),nGal Say Woee- Tanto Metro Ft Devonte (90's Rewind), nNo Matta Me - Lady Saw (90's Rewind),nDeport Them - Sean Paul (90's Rewind),nWatching You - Wayne Wonder (90's Rewind),nLike Glue - Sean Paul (Y2K Rewind),nMiss L.A.P- Beenie Man (Y2K Rewind),nNuttin Nuh Go So - Notch (Y2K Rewind),nSearching - Wayne Wonder (90's Rewind),nLive Comfortable - Baby Cham (90's Rewind),nFassy - Baby Cham (90's Rewind,nDem Nuh Like We - Beenie Man (90's Rewind), nEagle & The Hawk - Bounty Killer (90's Rewind), nMedicine - Wayne Wonder (90's Rewind),nGoodas - Baby Cham (90's Rewind),nTeenie Weenie - Beenie Man (90's Rewind), nModelers - Beenie Man (90's Rewind),nHice It Up - Lady Saw (90's Rewind),nreggae,nREGGAE,nroots,nROOTZ,nconscious,nCONSCIOUS,nculture,nCULTURE,ndancehall,nDANCEHALL,ndance hall,nDANCE HALL,

  • old school reggae mix 80&039;s 90&039;s pull up my selector oldies dancehall
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