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Ras Muhamad feat. Naptali - Farmerman [Reggaeville Riddim | Official Video 2015]

  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Reggaeville

    www.REGGAEVILLE.comnn“Farmerman” featuring NaptalinDirected by : Benjamin Zecher, Jay Will Game Over & Ras MuhamadnProduced by : Oneness RecordsnnSho


    www.REGGAEVILLE.comnn“Farmerman” featuring NaptalinDirected by : Benjamin Zecher, Jay Will Game Over & Ras MuhamadnProduced by : Oneness RecordsnnShot entirely in Jamaica with added Indonesian stock footage.

    Farmerman features Jamaica’s Naptali and it’s the third music video for Indonesia’s Reggae Ambassador Ras Muhamad’s “Salam” album.nnFarmerman is available on “Reggaeville Riddim” project.nNaptali’s “Rasta Freedom” EP.nnFarmerman music video is the first-ever video shot in Jamaica by a Indonesian Reggae musician.

    nnAlbum available in Itunesnitunes.apple.com/my/artist/ras-muhamad/id359184570nnamazonnhttp://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&tag=reggaeville-20&index=blended&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325&keywords=Ras+Muhamad+Salamnnfacebooknhttps://www.facebook.com/RasMuhamadReggaeAmbassadornnsoundcloudnhttps://soundcloud.com/ras_muhamadnnfollow twitter @rasmuhamadrinninstagram ras_muhamadnn* Mi born & grow as farmerman.

    Tell dem Ras Muhamad.nnRas Muhamad from the East way from Indonesia.nCalling out the priest Naptali from Jamaica.nI was born to make hit songs , I was born as a farmer.nBorn & grow with mom n dad, I wasn’t born as a gangster.nnCus im a farmerman.nTrodding the hills of Clarendon.nYou might be weary n tired still I put my shoulder to the wheel.nRas Muhamad, you is a Farmerman.nTrodding the hills of Indonesia.nWeary and tired still I put my shoulder to the wheel.nnVerse 1 : see the farmerman rise ina di morning.nReady with him hand, to flex up the soil now.nWork and toil , plant up banana, rice n wheat yah.nSo the whole nation can eat yah.nCoo yah now, see the farmerman how dem ah work di soil.nSee di farmerman how dem ah work n toil.nFrom morning to evening , from sunrise to dawn.nHow dem ah plant up Jah corn.nWork with him Machete, so the youths can fill up dem belly.nHaffi give thanks to the farmer, cus Farmerman work feed a plenty.nSee the city-life nuh know about the Farmerman experience.nDem trodding the right way.

    Big dem up I n I say !nnHook/chorus:nnVerse 2 : Indonesia is a big country we have Cengkeh kopi, tempe dan nasi.nJamaica ah so nice & Irie, full of vibez.

    Tell dem General Naptali.nIndonesia is a big country.

    Dem have a clove, it is a rice country.nJamaica is a nice country, we have wood n water, it’s a good countrynnCallaloo and coconut, soya bean fi nyam now.nJagung Padi Alpukat, Kedelai fi nyam now.nCultivate the land from Indonesia to Jamdown.nIt ah di work ah di Farmerman.nMenanam bibit dalam musim panen.nLalu lahan digarap dengan skill n talent.nTerus hadapi jalani apa yang dialami.nDengar pesan Ras Muhamad & Naptali.

  • ras muhamad feat naptali farmerman [reggaeville riddim | official video 2015]
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