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Dancehall Old School Classic of the 90s mix by djeasy

  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Dancehall

    Support djeasyPromos (Donation Link) www.gofundme.com/jkw5a37gnndownload full mix here ...tinyurl.com/90sdancehallhitsnnVisit Store For Mixtape


    Support djeasyPromos (Donation Link) www.gofundme.com/jkw5a37gnndownload full mix here ...tinyurl.com/90sdancehallhitsnnVisit Store For Mixtapes tinyurl.com/o73abhynnBringing back some sweet 90s classic old school riddim in a grand mix .........Riddims such as ACTION ,PEPPERSEED ,WICKED DICKIE ,OLD FRUITS RIPE ,DEM BOW ,POCO MAN JAM ,GRANNY ,BAM BAM ,BOGLEnnnnnn(((█▬█ █ ▀█▀ subscribe, █▬█ █ ▀█▀ like & comment))))nn www.youtube.com/user/zjeasy - check out my other channeln www.facebook.com/wootydjsandfans - like my fan pagen twitter.com/djeasyy - follow me on twittern www.facebook.com/DJEASYY - join me on Facebookn soundcloud.com/djeasyy - check soundcloud for your downloaded mixesn EMAIL : [email protected] SKYPE : djeasy77n BBM : 5163D621n__________________________________________________n (((FOR PROMO USE ONLY))) nnnTRACKLISTnn1.

    Action - terror fabulous & Nadine Sutherlandn2.

    Mr do it nice - general degreen3.

    Second class - buju banton & carol Gonzalesn4.

    How di girl dem flex - buju bantonn5.

    Number 2 - terror fabulousn6.

    Big things a gwaan - daddy screw & donovan steelen7.

    Loving excess - don yute & wayne wondern8.

    Things a gwaan - spragga benzn9.

    Big speech - frisco kidn10.

    No gyal - louie culturen11.

    Dapper - daddy screw & Donovan steelen12.

    Man a look you - buju bantonn13.

    Nuh kotch - terror fabulousn14.

    Stress - Michigan & smileyn15.

    Pressure dem - ricky generaln16.

    Big up - shaggy & rayvonn17.

    Skin out - screechy dann18.

    Wedding ring - terror fabulousn19.

    Big bills - bajja jedd & screechy dann20.

    Dickie - buju bantonn21.

    Whosoever - terry ganzien22.

    Leave people man - cutty ranksn23.

    No more pain - beres Hammondn24.

    People can dress - macka bn25.

    Guns and ammunition - tony rebeln26.

    Bad boy - lemsky donn27.

    Money a run - general degreen28.

    Xrated - peter metron29.

    Gyal a fuss - jigsy kingn30.

    Jack it up - spragga benzn31.

    Fat & buff - mad cobran32.

    Decent intelligent & excellent - galaxy pn33.

    Bum flick - little lennyn34.

    All fruit ripe - little lennyn35.

    Yu man want yu - chrome ninen36.

    Gal a wah so - powermann37.

    Reverse - ninja fordn38.

    Delighted how she look - terror fabulousn39.

    Gal yu look good - daddy screwn40.

    This feeling paradise - little kirkn41.

    Hey - beenie mann42.

    Tailor load a girl - shabba ranksn43.

    Dem bow - shabba ranksn44.

    Father crab - johnny pn45.

    Ku klung klung - red dragonn46.

    Buduf baf - red dragonn47.

    Poco man jam - Gregory peckn48.

    Tie me again - flourgonn49.

    Bad whud - silver fox & chackie changn50.

    Dem flop - spragga benzn51.

    Matie - beeniemann52.

    Proceed gal - mega bantonn53.

    Gal yu look good - admiral baileyn54.

    Badmind - red dragonn55.

    Stamina daddy - mega bantonn56.

    When yu si wi come - daddy lillyn57.

    Granny walk n rock - general degreen58.

    Wicked in bed - red dragonn59.

    Bogle with mi gun - flourgonn60.

    Nuff man a dead - supercatn61.

    Cya nyam mi out - nicodemusn62.

    Rod out - mad cobran63.

    Maddy maddy cry - papa sann64.

    Granny - general degreen65.

    Work out - major bonesn66.

    Bam bam - pliersn67.

    Murder she wrote - chaka demus & pliersn68.

    Dem a bleach - nardo ranksn69.

    Boggling queen - simple si mon & sister smurfn70.

    Beep beep – tigern71.

    Six million ways to die - cutty ranksn72.

    Bad in a yard - daddy lizardn73.

    Santa Barbara - taxi gangn74.

    Murder he wrote - world a girln75.

    Fattie bum bum - carl malcomn76.

    Pressure dem - ricky generaln77.

    Want a gal - daddy bluen78.

    Spell - W.O.Wn79.

    Work remix - barrington levy & jigsy kingn80.

    Ting a ling - shabba ranksn81.

    When I see you smile - singing sweetn82.

    Oh donna - singing sweetn83.

    Come again – tiger

  • dancehall old school classic 90s mix djeasy
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